Marnite Nature's Solution | Bioavailable Natural Multi-Mineral (API/S)
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Marnite® is a unique multi-mineral complex, providing bioactive MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM in perfect ratio of 1:2 along with 20 other elements. Unlike other mineral sources used in supplement preparation, Marnite® is a 100% natural mineral product (with natural slow release magnesium) that is neutral and is easily absorbed by the human body.

Marnite® Applications

Marnite® can be incorporated into a wide variety of supplement formulations and applications.

Base ingredient / Substance in
the Animal Feed Industry
Base ingredient / Substance in
the Plant Nutrition Industry
Sports Nutrition
Mineral Fortification
of Identified Foods
Base ingredient / Substance in
the Cosmetic Industry
Natural slow release

Mother Nature has provided a natural solution, Marnite® to eliminate the problem of Magnesium and Calcium macro nutritional deficiency. The natural multi-mineral Marnite® that has been developed, should be used to restore the balance of minerals in the Human metabolic system.

Proven Bioavailability / Market Comparison